Analytical Solutions

Leaky Confined Aquifer

Multi-well Variable-Rate Pumping-Test Analysis (click on the figure to enlarge)
Schematic of leaky confined Aquifer

System Geometry

The schematic of system geometry for leaky confined aquifer pumping test is shown in adjacent figure.

The pumping well of finite radius rw is partially penetrating the leaky confined aquifer of thickness b between depths l and d below the top aquitard.

The pumping well has wellbore storage coefficient Cw (volume of water released from well storage per unit drawdown in it).

The observation well penetrating between depths z1 and z2 above the bottom aquitard and is located at distance r from the axis of the pumping well.

Analytical solutions for leaky confined aquifer

The following analytical solutions are implemented in WELLS for leaky confined aquifers:

  • Hantush [1960] Solution : For fully and partially penetrating well ( d=0, l=b ) of zero radius (rw = Cw =0 ) in an isotropic (Kr = Kz) confined aquifer.
  • Mishra and Vessilinov [2011] Solution : For partially penetrating well (0 ≤ d,l ≤ b ) of finite radius (rw ≠ 0 ) with a finite wellbore storage capacity (Cw ≠ 0 ) in an anisotropic (Kr ≠ Kz) confined aquifer.


  • Hantush, M.S., 1960. Modification of the theory of leaky aquifers, Jour. of Geophys. Res., vol. 65, no. 11, pp. 3713-3725.
  • Mishra P. K. and V.V. Vessilinov, 2011. Radial flow towards large diameter well in a anisotropic leaky-confined aquifer, Journal of Hydrology, In prepration


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